Hello, everyone this page will my main GM communication page for homebrew rules and character assistance. First off this is my first time DMing if you don’t already know, I hope I do well and am preparing as best I can. I wanted to make this page so that everyone is clear on what to expect from DMing style-wise.

I want to follow your lead, I have done, hopefully, enough world building and planning to allow you to do whatever you want within reason so I am going to try and never say no to a character action but I will have the world react in ways that would be natural for the world so storming the Baron’s manor from the beginning may cause you to fight NPC’s I never intended you fight at that low of a level such as his bodyguards and the entire guard barracks coming down on your head.

Which leads me to another declaration, I will not be afraid to kill characters, I won’t try to kill you but if the dice roll that way so be it. Now if you are having just a bad night of rolls, I will probably let fate twist in your favor but if the death is caused by PC actions, I will send you to the Golden City without remorse. If a character dies, we’ll make you a new one and cross that bridge if we come to it, here’s hoping we don’t.

Homebrew Rules:

Death saves: I want to make death saves more tense and valuable so I’m house ruling that if you get back up from a death save that any failed death saves do not automatically go away once you get hp back. Every long rest, one failed death save is recovered or if someone does a successful medicine check on the character, a herbalist kit grants advantage on this roll. If this proves to be too brutal we can amend it.

Imaginative attacks: If you want to use an attack to try and knock the wind out of an enemy, eye gouge, or use spells in unorthodox way, feel free to ask and I will be happy to come up with a DC and we’ll see what happens.

Viceroy Incursion